How should I prepare for A lesson?

Make sure you have applied sunscreen at least 15 minutes before your lesson.

What should I bring to a lesson?

Bring a good attitude and be prepared to have fun!

Also, a swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and goggles. 

Are group lessons available?

YES! Grace will teach up to 4 clients at a time!

What is a day trip?

Grace will take a swimmer or group (up to 4) to the north or south shore, depending on ability, for a day of fun in the sun! Lessons during the day can be accommodated depending on group size.

Do you offer Mommy and Me classes?

Yes! Mommy and Me classes are offered for children aged 1-3 for the same price as regular lessons.

What is the youngest age you accept?

The youngest age is 1 year old.

Where are you located?

Grace does not have a set location on island. Lessons are taught at your own pool, your club pool, or out in the Ocean!

I am an adult who has never had lessons, what should I expect?

Lessons are in a private setting, so you won’t feel embarrassed or overwhelmed. Grace will teach you at your own pace.

Do you still teach when it rains?

Yes, as long as there is no lightning or thunder.

What if the swell is too rough for our lesson?

Grace checks the conditions every morning, if she thinks the conditions won't but suitable for a lesson, she will reach out that morning to pick a new location or reschedule.

What about hydration and snacks?

Grace has a cooler filled with waters and snacks to make sure swimmers are hydrated and energized!

Cancellation policy

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the lesson start. Barring weather, any cancelations in the 24 hours before a lesson will cost half the lesson price.

I’m ready! How do I sign up?

You can sign up HERE!